What is The Brambila Method?


Quite probably like most people I dream about being financially free. 

 What’s wrong with your job? 

Nothing, most of the time I genuinely enjoy it. I feel both fulfilled and challenged on a daily 


It’s varied enough to stay interesting but structured enough so not to feel chaotic. It’s geographically close enough for me bike to work and back every day.


I work in The Brighton Seafront office means I get to swim on my lunch break. The money isn’t ground breaking but it’s the best I’ve ever made and just about supports us. 

My boss is fair and I see the other guys I work with more as friends than as colleagues. Every now and again I even get to use my Beach Lifeguard skills and therefore know first hand what it feels like to save another person’s life. 

"Sounds pretty good to me!"

 Yeah it really is.In the same way that Forrest Gump ended up mowing the lawn for a local School, pro bono style,I could totally see myself continuing to be a Seafront Officer even if I didn’t need the money. 

 So what's your point? 

Okay when I say “Financially free” I suppose what I mean specifically is that I dream of one day being free from the financial stress and worry that comes with being the sole or joint responsibility of supporting a family. 
Great as my job is, it's never going to provide me with that. The only way it could come close is if I literally worked all the hours there were. That still wouldn’t actually be enough and even if for arguments sake it was, then what’s the point? 


 I set up and have managed a Youtube channel since May 2018.It’s gone under a number of names as I have fidgeted around trying to work out might help me grow. 

At least for the next half an hour it's called "Dad School The Musical" and I suppose it's best described as a painfully honest, hopefully amusing look at the life of UK dad of 3.Communicated daily and weekly through the often overlooked media of averagely performed ukulele songs. 

 If you want to make a 45 year old man very happy click either of the links above. 
I started this youtube channel for a number of reasons, one definitely being that I hoped, I still do, that it could lead to some or a number of opportunities.

Opportunities that might mean that maybe one day I'm in a position to spend more of my time doing pretty exclusively the following. 

1) Lots of Brazilian Jui Jitsu whenever I want.

2) Creating lots of hopefully entertaining but also quite silly content. 

3) Still singing happy birthday to strangers online everyday 

4) I'm able to do all the School picking up and dropping off for our kids. Stoic as they are about it, I know they would much rather be collected from school by my wife or I and not by, albeit a very lovely, wrap around care person. 

 I’m also acutely aware that the days of them wanting to hold my hand, play chase in the garden or sit and cuddle on the sofa are numbered. I know I really won’t be at all ready for that last spontaneous cuddle from one of them if and when it arrives. 

 Since I started the channel in May 2018 with this genuinely appalling dad rap that really wasn’t as funny as it was in my head. 

Since then I’ve signed up to and paid for quite a number of online courses that I hoped might be the one life changing one. I've followed all the steps,done the homework,joined the facebook group,participated in the webinars and asked for feedback. 

Unfortunately, for whatever reason none of them so far have brought me any closer to that whole financially free from the financial worry goal. 

Ta dah.....

Here is where I introduce ultimately what this blog is going to be all about. 

Can the Brambila Method which I completed in July and August,not only teach me the skills and business acumen needed to become financially free but also show me how to stay in the hunt long enough to make it a possibility?


 The Brambila Method is a low-cost online business training that teaches you how to start different side hustles with minimum cost. The slogan for the course, "Risk nothing. Earn everything," means learning ways of making money without spending any upfront costs or risk taking in starting your own businesses. The name of Brambila Method is from its founder, Adrian Brambila. 

I'm going to use this blog as a way of documenting what,if anything happens.

On 28:06:2021 I purchased The Brambila Online Course for $97/£69.83.

To give this amount some context I would say this amount would buy me the following. 

 1) A meal out with my wife,plus a bottle of house wine, but not the £20 required to get a babysitter in the first place. 

2) Half a ticket to go and watch Scotland play at Murrayfield but not enough to get the train up to Edinburgh to watch it.

Compared to other courses the thing I liked the most was how transparent and honest Adrian Bramila is about the work and what you need to do to succeed.I'm lucky enough to now be an affiliate and if you want to see what I mean then watch this webinar click this link.

It has understandably taken time since the 28th June to, not only complete the course itself but start creating the building the infrasture

For example.

If you are interested to see the 200 or so designs I have on Redbubble so far 

To watch a promo video I created to show why I would make a worthy affiliate.

To see where I have actually managed to make some money click the link to my Fiverr page.

ROI as of 28/9/21 Brambila Online Course for $97/£69.83.

$97 - $4 = $93 to make my investment back.

Yes the jury is still very much out and it could just be my giddy levels of optimism on overdrive but it feels like it could be different. I'm also excited to do the work in a way I haven't been before. I actually wanted to do the work which is a different.

Okay,full disclosure,I'm 2 months in today and as shown have made  ($4) using the techniques I learnt on the course.

Yes I know it's a fairly unimpressive amount of money but it is something I never managed to achieve with any of the other courses I tried.

Its also important to remember that any course or form of education is only as good as you are prepared to make it.

I really hope you stick with this blog and my mission to find out if I can make this happen and if Dad's Mission Is Possible?

I hope wherever you are in the world I hope your doing well.

Take care 



Youtube-Dad School The Musical
Tik Tok-@happybirthdaydaily
Website going live soon www.jamesmacdonald.online
If you are an expecting dad and want a free e book about what I have learnt in the passed decade visit the website.




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